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Qualifications for membership (Ordinary and lifetime)

  1. Members of the medical profession with a postgraduate qualification with interest in child development.
  2. Individuals with appropriate postgraduate qualifications and work in the field of child development.
  3. Individuals with undergraduate degrees and licentiates with a significant interest and competence inchild development and developmental disorders.


Honorary Members: Members of the medical profession or related fields of science who have been selected for the distinction of their special accomplishment or acknowledged pre-eminence in work
related child development and developmental disorders.


Overseas Members: Members of the medical profession or other fields of science at the doctoral level with interest in child development and developmental disorders and reside outside Sri Lanka and are non-citizens of Sri Lanka.


Associate Members: Members of the medical profession who are in postgraduate training.


How to become a member?

Please fill in the form and submit to us. You will receive an email informing the acceptance of your request and account details for payment of the membership. You will have to forward the bank receipt to our email address after depositing the relevant amount to the bank account of Sri Lanka Association for Child Development.

Membership fee:

Annual : LKR 1000/=
Lifetime: LKR 3000/=

(Please note fees are liable to change upon council decision)

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