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Like extreme sports? Don’t like to wear the pads? Can’t handle the pain? Have you ever dreamed of doing those gravity-defying stunts on a skateboard? Well, then this is the game for you.

This game is all gain and no pain. It is a bit tricky to get a handle on the controls and I do not know if I will ever be good enough to be a top pro, but I am going to have fun trying for a long time.

This game has lots of replay appeal. This is a continuation of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater from other platforms. Having never played the first version, I do not have this previous play as a point of reference, but I can say, as a novice to the game, that this is a lot of fun. You are still one of 13 professional skaters trying to make a name for yourself and be the best. You actually have 13 games in one since you can start over as a different professional and try to take each one to the top of the pro circuit.

Keep in mind though, to try another skater you must be willing to lose your current game. You can only have one active skater in your arsenal so make sure you try them all before you commit and choose who you want to be at the top of the professional skate circuit.

This is the area where I need the most practice. The controls are great and full-featured. This makes the game a bit more complicated than most to learn, but worth the effort. There are all kinds of combinations of button pushes to execute moves: the bigger the moves, the more buttons that are involved. Spins and grabs combined can give you all kinds of results.

You will need to get creative on your button and arrow pushing combinations, you never know what you will get for the move on the wall or in the air. It will take the new player extra time to master the controls. Once you get this down, you will get the big money needed to move on with the professional skate circuit. Keep track of what you do and in what order. You may like the result and want to do it again.

You burnout 5 pc download fewer points for doing the same trick in each round, so learn lots of tricks. The first time you do it you get maximum points, then the number of points for the same move declines by 25 percent. You can get bonus points and extra multipliers by getting better landings and by adding difficulty to the basic moves.

You can get up to six times the point score at up to percent of the basic score. Each time you have a perfect landing on a stunt you get percent of the points possible.

If you did the stunt with a degree turn and had a perfect landing you will get percent of the score for the move times 6 for doing the perfect degree turn. You know what they say, practice, practice, practice.

This still seems to be the one area that most of the game developers for the Gameboy Advance tend to overlook. In other words, there is no multiplayer mode for Pro Skater 2. It would have been a lot of fun to at least be able to have a practice session with friends and even better to have a match play taking turns but watching each other’s moves and scores.

Maybe a free-for-all where both players are trying to out-do each other without running into one another. This was definitely a missed opportunity. The look is clear, clean, and you can see what you are doing. Too many Gameboy Advance games are dark, but this has good lighting and contrast. The perspective is a bit hard to get used to but once you get over the third person view and the angle, you will be much more successful with your tricks.

The skaters have good detail even though the screen is small, and the game has a good feel for movement and good depth of field. You will get the feeling that you are really hanging in the air and then falling for the ground.

I have read it is possible to get a degree turn: that would be something to see and to land. Good Luck! The music and sound affects are good and appropriate. The sounds on the ramps and especially the grind sounds are great. The music is what you would expect the professional skaters to have playing in the background. There is good energy in the music and it can pump you up for the big move — I think the sound adds a lot to this game. Many times you get developers who put sound in simply because they think it has to have it and often times this comes out as tacked on and unnecessary.

This is certainly not the case here. Download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc on! Reading все audio codecs for windows media player 12 download моему instruction booklet is a must.

When you first start, the booklet is as important as the game itself. There are some helpful tips and you need to know how to learn to control your skater. I keep it handy right now since I still forget from time to time how to do some of the combinations. The profile information contained in the booklet is nice but I would not spend much time reading through the stats until you download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc some and get a feel for how each professional skates — then download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc back and see what his or her stats are.

Compare this with your least favorite skater and you will get an idea of по этому адресу stats you want to pump up with your cash prize money.

I really liked this game, and I do not like sports games most of the time. This game is a lot of fun. Players who are familiar with the original Tony Hawk titles will not find anything new, but it is a darn good sequel. Another shortcoming characteristic, it seems of most GBA games right now is the lack of a multiplayer option.

All in all, however, this is привожу ссылку great game. I would recommend it to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater fans and first time players alike. I do not know if I will ever be good at it, but I will always have fun every time I pick it up and I play a few games. There is a lot of replay value in this game as you strive adventures pc free download 2009 outdoor cabelas make the perfect move. All it takes is getting one great move once in a while and you will be hooked for life — you will be in pursuit of the perfect run with the maximum score.

Speaking of score, Grind on! Tony Hawk’s first skateboard game has been on the shelves for six months and on the top best-sellers list for most of them. Neversoft listened to THPS’ legion of fans and added their most requested features to the sequel. The game provides as much gotta-play-one-more-time addictive gameplay as the first version, with even more moves and multiplayer modes to keep you in a permanent state of procrastination.

You can potentially perform an infinite combo with the new manual transition move. Tapping up then down starts the move, which you must balance like a grind while you ride it to the next grindable obstacle. The multiplayer modes are still a favorite around the office, and THPS2 offers plenty download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc options to keep us busy. A split-screen trick attack mode lets you play against a friend to see who can pull off the most bitchin’ tricks.

There’s a full-on judged skate competition for up to seven opponents. You also get an enhanced H-O-R-S-E mode, as well as an improved one-player career game and download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc replay features.

Of course, the most exciting new feature would have to be the skatepark editor. The interface download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc super-intuitive: We were able to crank out a pretty sweet park in about 10 download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc.

A real-time 3D editor provides isometric or top-down views and hundreds of parts download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc ramps, bowls, rails, funboxes, obstacles and quarterpipes. We were told you could build stuff up to 60 feet high. There’s such a diverse assortment of objects that Neversoft was even able to faithfully re-create the first level of Tony Hawk 1 with the editor. And you can save your personal skatepark to the memory card, so look for lots of custom parks coming soon on DexDrive sites.

The levels sprawl larger than основываясь на этих данных the previous version, with several real-world locations including Paris, Manhattan, Ventura, Calif.

You’ll see plenty of seemingly inaccessible areas and objects, but there are ways to reach everything. A full-blown character customization option lets you modify the pro skaters’ clothes, create a new you or just about anybody else you can think of. Sorry, no E-Sak option. Attention all developers working on THPS clones–come out with your hands up. Neversoft has built the ultimate download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc game with this sequel.

It packs more pro skaters, more tunes, more level objectives, more moves and more real environments. But let’s not gloss over the details. Rapid-tap the X button after you bail, for instance, and you’ll hop back on your board more quickly. Switching to a download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc stance actually affects your performance. It’s easier to wall ride.

Landing sloppy or busting out of download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc early screws your score. And now you can perform manuals, which singtehandedly make THPS2 an entirely new game when it comes to combos. Perfect your manual technique and you can theoretically combo an infinite number of tricks well, as long as you don’t lose momentum. Manuals make for astronomical trick totals–not to mention a much more interesting game of two-player H.

Unfortunately, Neversoft didn’t have time to implement a multiplayer tournament mode. But you’ll find no shortage of hidden areas and secrets scrutinize the Title Screen for a big hint.



Download tony hawk pro skater 2 full version pc


The game was released for PC, Macintosh and consoles. PlayStation and Nintendo In the game we play a professional skater, whose task is to perform the mission performing tricks for which we earn money.

Thanks to them, we will be able to develop our character and buy better skateboards. The authors present several sites in which we will compete. Tony Hawk’s 2 Pro Skater, is a very successful continuation of his beer. In the second part the tricks were worked out and a new manual was added. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get a game that works on basic levels. These are locations known from consoles. Mac version, this is full version.

Important Information: Abandonwaregames. To the best of our knowledge, these games are no longer available on the market and are not supported by publishers. If you know otherwise, write to us. Developer Neversoft Entertainment, Inc. Publisher Activision. Year Tags abandonware , old , game , tony hawk , arcade , simulator , activision.

You have to unlock cosmetic parts for your custom parks through challenges, but you get all of the necessities by default, which is enough to create a playable and entertaining park. Sharing levels with other players is also possible, and there are already a number of custom parks that show off both quality and silliness.

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