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With Dragon Ball Heroes you’ll have on your PC a two-dimensional fighting game starred by the most legendary characters of the Dragon Ball cartoons. If you’ve ever had a decent childhood, you’ll have fond memories of the hours on end spent in front on the TV watching Dragon Ball, the classic cartoons based on the manga written by Akira Toriyama and the many times you’ve pretended to be Goku, the Saiyan warrior that features in the series.

Now you’ve got the chance to revive those moments on your computer thanks to Dragon Ball Heroes , a 2D fighting game built with the MUGEN engine in which we can take part in battles with our favorite characters. Satan , etc. Just choose your favorite one or make use of the random mode to start fighting, using all the skills and powers you’ve probably practiced hundreds of times as a kid.

A Telecommunications Engineer, chance led me to the translation industry, where after a few years, I discovered another side of the world of technology while translating what others were writing about mobile applications and software. Download for PC. Fight it out with your favorite Dragon Ball characters Antony Peel.

Antony Peel A Telecommunications Engineer, chance led me to the translation industry, where after a few years, I discovered another side of the world of technology while translating what others were writing about mobile applications and software.

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Free download pc games dragon ball heroes mugen 2011


Genre Strategy. Developer Dimps Corporation. System Requirements Learn More. Welcome to Hero Town, an alternate reality where Dragon Ball Heroes card game is the most popular form of entertainment. Create your own avatar and follow his journey to become the world champion of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. However, when the antagonists from the virtual game world appear in Hero Town and start wreaking havoc, you have to jump into the game world and team up with famous Dragon Ball characters to restore peace in the real world.

A Nintendo Switch Online membership may be required for online play. Please check the game detail page on Nintendo. Loading related content Up until , with the exception of Dragon Ball: Shenlong no Nazo which was released as Dragon Power , and was graphically altered , no games were localized for the North American market. In , Infogrames acquired the license to produce and release Dragon Ball games for the North American and international market. By December , over 40 million video games based on the franchise had been sold worldwide.

It was released by Epoch , making it the only game not to feature any kind of involvement with Bandai or the subsequent Namco Bandai. The game is an overhead shoot’em up that allows players to take on the role of Goku who rides on the Nimbus while firing Ki blasts and swatting at enemies with his Power Pole. It takes place during the King Piccolo arc.

It was one of the first games to have a board game, which included battles using cards. The battle card games are a hybrid of role playing games, board games and trading cards. The players move around a game board and encounter characters on the way.

Some characters offer information and others need to be battled. The outcome of each fight is determined by the randomly generated hand of cards players and the opponent are dealt. The player flips over cards in a certain order, and their actions are shown in an animated battle that lasts until one of the characters is defeated.

The game topped the Japanese sales charts in August , [22] and again in September and October The game relates all of the Dragon Ball story until the fight against Piccolo Junior. The main character is Goku as a child and adult, though Krillin and Yamcha are also playable.

It topped the bi-weekly Japanese Famitsu sales charts in November and again in December Saiyajin , Dragon Ball Z: Assault! Saiyans was the first Dragon Ball Z game to be released for the Famicom system. It was released by Bandai on October 27, in Japan. The game topped the Japanese Famitsu sales chart in February The game features the story on Namek and follows closely to the story in the anime except for the fact that, like in the previous game, Tienshinhan, Yamcha and Chaozu are not dead but are present in the player’s party at the beginning.

It is a retelling of the Android arc up until Cell transforms into his first form. The game topped the Japanese Famitsu sales chart in August The game was unique in that it came with a special card reader attachment, the Datach Joint Rom System , which required several character cards to be swiped in order to select a character. In Europe was often referred simply as Dragon Ball Z. Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, S.

Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, P. Gero and its story mode spans from the Piccolo Jr. Multiplayer is a six player tournament using difficulty level of computer players that are in the save file. Winner records are kept in the game data, as well as any moves the player might learn. The game follows, Dr. Lychee, a survivor of the Tuffle race annihilated by the Saiyans. Lychee manages to escape from the planet with a ship containing Hatchhyackku, a super computer able to create “Ghost images” of other warriors, though he is killed soon after.

Hatchhyackku creates a ghost image of him to get revenge on the surviving Saiyans. He places machines that emit a gas capable of destroying life on Earth, so Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Piccolo rush to destroy the devices located around the planet.

They manage to destroy all but one that is protected by an impenetrable energy barrier and guarded by ghost warriors of Frieza, Cooler, Turles, and Lord Slug, which have to be killed in the same way as the originals. They eventually track down Lychee, defeat him, and learn of Hatchhyackku, who absorbs Lychee’s hatred and materializes in an android body.

Hatchhyackku devastates the heroes until the Saiyans, after having transformed into their Super Saiyan states, combine their powers together into one massive wave of energy, ending the threat of the ghost warriors.

For unknown reasons, these three characters were renamed Kujila, Aki, and Tara in the French version, respectively. Depending on if the player wins or loses a battle, the story will take a different turn in the Story Mode, which leads to a lot of possibilities to experience. This is the only Dragon Ball Z fighting game [31] in which Goku is not readily playable.

A code is required in the Japanese version to unlock him and Broly, the other hidden character. This is not necessary in the European versions, as both characters are already unlocked. It was released in Japan on April 1, [32] and Europe in June The game was released on September 23, It is the only game in the series that lacks a story mode.

It features Gohan telling Goten of the battles of their deceased father, Goku, along with other characters. The game was released on December 16, The game features cel drawings from the animators as character sprites and three dimensional backgrounds. Unlockable characters include Gogeta, Mr. Ultimate Battle 22 was the subject of an overwhelming number of negative American reviews.

GameSpot give it a 1. Electronic Gaming Monthly said that “someone crapped in a jewel case and passed it off as a game. The game was released on September 22, The game was released only in Japan on November 17, Its story mode ranges from the Android arc to the Cell Games. Satan mode. In Group Battle, players gets to create a team of five characters and fight against either another player or an AI-controlled character.

In Mr. Satan mode, Mr. Satan is trying to raise enough money to pay off his debt to Android 18 , and the player places bets on matches and cheats by using several items, such as banana peels, guns, and dynamite. The amount of life for characters is measured by a number system from 1 to , which can be charged at any time during the match.

When the life reaches a level below 80, the characters are able to perform “desperate moves”, which cause a large amount of damage. The characters fight on a multi-tier stage, which allows opponents to hit each other to other stages.

The game utilizes a unique system of play that is different from most other fighters and the graphics feature 2-D sprites in a three dimensional world. The game would reissued in Europe in and in North America in The game shares the distinction of being the first game in the series to be rendered in full 3D, and the last Dragon Ball game produced for the console.

The game is similar to other fighters but features 3D environments and characters from the Z and GT series of Dragon Ball franchise. Unique in the game were the special ki attacks called a Special Knockout Trick. These were the spectacular versions of the character’s ki attacks the player performed at a distance. When these attacks are performed, the camera would cut and pan to the attacking character who would power up and the player would fire.

During the attacking character’s power up, the opposing character would be giving the opportunity to either retaliate or block upon the moment the word counter would flash on the lower right hand corner of the screen. Depending on which player is pressing their button the fastest would determine who would receive the brunt of the blast.

Another feature which was carried over from Legends, was a technique called Meteor Smash. Each CD-ROM featured a different character and contained information on the respective character and the Dragon Ball Z sagas, merchandise available to acquire and a “BattlePrint” activity mode. Each disc was available at random from packets and also given as part of a promotion with Coca-Cola products. Some games in this Japanese version had some glitches such as Bulma appearing as an outfit for Videl, when the game was complete.

While the American version of the game only had two movie clips to unlock the instrumental and vocal openings from Budokai 2 , many fans thought there were extra movies to unlock, since the American strategy guide indicated that there were two additional “Baba’s Crystal Ball” capsules to purchase. The first Dragon Ball Z console game to be developed by a non-Japanese developer American in this case , and the first Dragon Ball Z game to be released on a non-Japanese console: the Xbox.

Sagas is a linear combat-focused game with new abilities becoming available via upgrade. There are three basic fighting styles: Melee, Combo, and Ki. Melee attacks are often swift and leave the opponent temporarily stunned. Combo attacks are several consecutive punches or kicks to the opponent which may contain up to 10 hits.

Ki attacks are energy blasts that rely on a rechargeable meter for power. The most powerful Ki blast is the “Special Move” found in the first level. Each character has their own special Ki blast, but they all have very similar properties. The game features 18 playable characters, destructible environments, and a game engine geared towards fans of more traditional fighting games.

Action role-playing game. Survival game. Despite the title, the game starts out during the end of Goku ‘s fight with Piccolo at the World Martial Arts Tournament and ends with the battle against Vegeta. It features five playable characters, as well as Goku ‘s Super Saiyan transformation. The game also features many extras, such as minigames and a tournament mode. Most characters from the Namek arc can be fought during the story mode, including ones such as Zarbon and Freeza’s transformed states.

All three games are action role-playing games. In , Webfoot Technologies claimed to be starting development of another sequel. It was released in Europe on June 30, , Japan on August 9, , and North America on November It is played with the use of in-game cards for attacks, techniques and support items. The game’s story takes place from the Saiyan arc, and runs until the end of the series. The game also includes two extra stories involving Future Trunks’s timeline.

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