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Believe me, you won’t be disappointed. Gran Turismo 2 delivers everything I wanted from the sequel to the best racing game ever. This thing doesn’t skimp. You get a ridiculous amount of cars. The rally mode beats anything you’ll find in games devoted to just that style of racing. Even if you’re not crazy about the license tests, you can pop in the arcade disc and go nuts. Heck, you’ll still get a lot out of the game if you only earn the A and B licenses.

Buy GT2 and you’ll still be playing it in a year. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that GT 2 is awesome. Even if it had problems which it doesn’t it’d still be head and shoulders above the rest. Basically they kept the same game engine and added a ton more cars close to total and modes. I’m especially psyched about the Rally and other offroad events. It adds yet another dimension to a game already packed to the hilt. No other racing game can touch it.

I can’t wait for the PS2 version. Polyphony Digital never cease to amaze me. After churning out Gran Turismo my favorite game of all time , they released Omega Boost , one of my favorites of GT2 is perfection all over again and I don’t know how to thank them enough.

Unfortunately, GT2 has a couple bugs that slipped out the door, but the realism and sheer joy of driving and modding your own car remains unsurpassed. I shudder at the thought of GT in March. Gran Turismo’s genre-redefining rookie year catapulted it into the ranks of PlayStation bestsellers and spawned a pack of clones and knock-offs. As the developers of Gran Turismo 2 prepare for a summer release, the only real question is whether the competition will be able to keep up.

Last year. Gran Turismo redlined the PlayStations engines, expanding the limits of what a console racing game could do. That means Gran Turismo 2 s prospects of becoming a best-selling hit are excellent on its name value alone.

So the key question is whether Polyphony Digital, the developer, can once again raise the bar as high as they did with the original game. So far, details are too sketchy to make a call, but the early info sounds most promising. Gran Turismo 2 will expand its showroom to offer a monumental real-life cars from “top” American and European manufacturers. No names were announced at press time, but there are rumors of Porsche and Ferrari licenses, so keep your fingers crossed. The action will go down on 20 courses–some of them off-road, a new development for the series.

As in the first game, you’ll be able to modify each car in hundreds of ways as you stock your garage by competing in a variety of cups. In addition to loading up Gran Turismo 2s features, Sony’s promising that the visuals will deliver the same razzle-dazzle as the original.

The 3D graphics will sports all-new environments and detailed car models. While the screens shown here are largely from instant replays, its dear the tracks and cars will look sharper than ever before. As summer nears, we keep you posted on how the game’s progressing. Barring an unexpected blowout. Gran Turismo 2 seems like its headed to the front of the PlayStation pack once again. The sequel to one of last year’s bestsellers is rewing up for a November debut–and it sounds like Sony might be raising the bar in console racing once again.

Gran Turismo 2 will deliver its usual jam-packed garage, offering a lineup of about 70 cars that can be modified into about different models. The focus is mainly on sports cars, but muscle cars, high-end racers, and even commuter clunkers will be ready to rumble.

The gameplay will be expanded with drag racing, the Pike’s Peak climb, and rally action on the game’s 20 tracks, some of which are off-road. Polyphony, the developer, reports that it’s focused on making the handling and physics more realistic while also amping up the A. The license-test system is also growing to 60 tests, but thankfully a help system will accompany it. Turismo 2 sounds like it’ll be the hot ride this fall. It has been roughly two years since the original Gran Turismo hit the streets and was crowned as the best PSX game ever in my book.

Over these last two years, we have seen plenty of racing games billed as “the next Gran Turismo ” and ” Gran Turismo killer” come and go but nobody has even come close to the masterpiece that is GT — until now.

While the game is not perfect and it does have a few bugs, it is still the most addicting game of all time. Hell, I had to force myself to stop playing long enough to write this review, not to mention the number of nights that I found myself racing “just one more race” until in the morning. Everyone knows that the original GT was big and offered a huge number of licensed vehicles. So what does GT 2 do to one up the original?

Why, bring on more options, more racing, more licensed vehicles, and more tracks, of course. To start with, there are now over cars in the game. Think about that for a second.

They have added in roughly 20 track combinations and a new rally racing mode. There are too many different racing events to list and total car customization is back and it all adds up to the best PSX game ever. I almost forgot to mention that this game is so big the developers had to make separate CDs for the arcade racing and the simulation. One of the downsides to being in this industry is that it is difficult to keep playing a game for a long period.

Usually once a review is written, there are six more games waiting in line. Because of this, I have not played the original GT in quite a long time. I remember how much fun it was but I had lost a lot of the little ins and outs of what made it so fun.

All it really took was the sound of the timer counting down before the flag dropped and I was hooked again. Before I knew it, I was buying new cars and trying to build the most powerful beast around.

The game is not without flaws though which I will identify but in no way will these flaws inhibit your ability to have a great time with this game. Okay, where to start? I might as well begin with the licenses because that is where you start the game. Just like the original, you will have to earn a license to participate in races.

There are five different licenses that you can earn, each of them allowing you to race in a different class of races. In the original, licenses were very difficult to obtain. I remember spending hours on just one section of one license and missing the cut by a fraction of a second.

I think enough people complained about the difficulty I know I did because now the licenses are much easier to obtain. You still get ranked by your performance in the tests so if you want to fully complete the game you will need to score gold on every test which is damn near impossible but doable, just like the old license system but it is not required to continue on in the game.

I think this was done to help out the more casual gamer and is a great idea. If you do manage to pull off the gold, you will be rewarded nicely with a shiny new car. Now that you have your license, you will head off to buy a car. The first thing you will find is that the number of car dealerships is huge.

There is almost every car manufacturer you can think of and some that you have probably never heard of. Your options are pretty limited so I ended up picking up a Mazda RX7. Not a bad first car. Now that you have your license and your car, it is time to head out to the raceway. This is where you will find one of the biggest changes in this game over its predecessor.

Almost all of the races are now restricted by horsepower. There are some free races that allow you to race any type of car but the majority of races have a maximum horsepower rating and if you are over that rating, you can’t race. Since my RX7 had HP right out of the parking lot, I was already unable to compete in a handful of races because I was overpowered.

This system did a great job of keeping the races challenging. In the original GT , I would race my beefed up badass car on some of the easier races just to make a quick buck. You can no longer do this. This also adds a new dimension to car customization. I found that I was constantly tweaking my vehicles performance not only up but down as well.

It was really fun trying to equip my car with the right accessories to get as close to the maximum HP without going over and it brought a totally new dimension to the game. So now you are ready to race, right? How does it feel? Just like the original, which is the biggest compliment I can give. The attention to detail on the handling was not skimped in the slightest bit. Like I mentioned above, racing games have come and gone but none match the true feelings of this game and that is what really matters.

Everything else in this review would be for naught if the gameplay was not solid. Trust me when I say the racing engine in this game is incredible and you will have a blast tweaking your car and feeling the changes during your race.

I could go on for hours about it so rest assured the racing plays great. As if all of this was not enough, they went and added a whole new rally-racing mode. The game would have been complete without it but it is a huge bonus. It plays better than most rally racing games and it is just a bonus in this game. Feel the awesome force of an old American muscle car in a quarter mile drag race, or relish the tight control and acceleration of a European supercar through the winding streets of Switzerland.

Gran Turismo 2 features over 20 incredibly detailed tracks to race and over 40 track combinations. Whether it’s the twisting dirt course of Pike’s Peak or the narrow streets of Rome, Gran Turismo 2 brings it all home with incredibly realistic detail.

Gran Turismo 2 features an all new off road rally racing mode. Navigate through wild hairpin turns on the Tahitian Sea Side course. The slightest error in judgment could mean the end, and precise timing is crucial for breaking, turning, and jumping.



Gran turismo 2 pc game download

Winner’s Circle Last year. Overview It has been roughly two years since the original Gran Turismo hit the streets and was crowned as the best PSX game ever in my book. You’ll be able to play this thing until GT comes out


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