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Starting as a talented but wayward young hopeful, you have to improve your skills and impress the scouts enough to win a contract with a big team. Well now we’ve got one, albeit at a very early stage. The best football game ever made is back with a vengeance. Ide Yosuke No Mahjong Juku. There are no easy sure-fire ‘bug’ goals scored here. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a better look at the RPG section next month. Continue with Cookies.


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The latter are surely the most detailed and realistic of any soccer sim. Never mind motion-capturing the polygon players’ countless varied movements for supremely fluid animation – they’ve even done the same for their many authentic gestures. These include appealing for free kicks and penalties, helping a floored player up, squaring up to an opponent who’s just fouled a teammate, and raging at the ref after being booked.

The substitutes even Umber up before coming onto the field. Such incredible attention to detail really adds to the authentic big-match atmosphere, the 15 different goal celebrations proving particularly satisfying. The only aspects missing from the real sport are the ability to gob phlegm all over the pitch and make Nazi salutes to the crowd – probably a good thing then. Naturally, the 3-D graphics can be viewed from a choice of distances and vertical tilts. Although you can’t rotate the pitch for an upfield view as in many next-generation soccer sims, it would have been detrimental to the skilful passing action anyway.

However, you can rotate the view to watch goals and interesting incidents on the instant replay, complete with slow-motion and freeze-frame facilities. The sole graphical flaw is the slowdown in the action which sometimes occurs when the penalty area is packed with men, particularly in four-player mode. It’s a minor and occasional problem, though, which fails to mar the scintillating gameplay.

Choosing from the selection of real J League teams it’s possible to play an exhibition, league season, cup tournament or one of several scenarios eg one down with a minute to play. A whole netful of match options enable you to fine-tune the game. A day or night game can also be chosen, along with weather conditions which do make a difference to the play: for instance, the players can slip on a snowy pitch when trying to turn quickly!

Even more impressive is the tactical side of the game which features just about every formation and strategy any manager could dream of. Up to four strategies, such as offside trap and pressing game, can be allocated to buttons for instant activation during the match – so if you’re one down with a minute to play, you can easily switch to all-out attack without flicking through any menus.

Individual players can also be assigned special roles such as sweeper and striker; or made to man-mark opposing star players. Strategic substitutions also prove vital as players become tired or are stretchered off after a bad tackle. Don’t worry if you’re not a tactical anorak, though, as the arcade-style gameplay is simplicity to get to grips with. The controls are surprisingly instinctive, despite the impressive number of skills which can be performed.

You name it, these players can do: Intricate passing, powerful shots, delicate chips, overhead kicks, shuffling dummies, heel flicks, and no less than three types of header. Aftertouch can also be applied to swerve shots and chips, although the effect is quite subtle.

For once, decent one-twos are actually achievable in a football game, but the real star of the show is the through-ball facility, sending a defence-splitting pass for a forward to chase. The final result is a realistically varied game with no shortage of skilful play, five levels of CPU intelligence provide plenty of challenge, along with the same number of keeper settings.

There are no easy sure-fire ‘bug’ goals scored here. Although many come from rebounds – leading to exciting goal-mouth scrambles as the defenders frantically try to clear – you need to string decent moves together to create chances in the first place. This is particularly satisfying In multi-player mode, requiring a good deal of co-operation from team-mates; although switching of control between on-field players can be perilously confusing when defending, resulting in silly mistakes and accusations of bung-taking!

Great-looking, supremely playable and brilliant fun with a group of friends, Perfect Striker has already set a league-topping standard which subsequent soccer rivals will find very hard to emulate. Browse games Game Portals.

International Superstar Soccer Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downloads Screenshots Mega Man Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. Mario Golf. Space Station Silicon Valley. Top Gear Rally 2.

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