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Indian Premier League began in and become one of the most successful leagues in cricket. Fans not only get exciting matches to watch but can play the matches on their mobiles through fantasy leagues and video games.

There are some games based on the IPL league and seasons released on different platforms like PC, Mobiles, Tablets, and gaming consoles. You can get the famous IPL cricket games for free on your mobiles. MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli two most popular players in the game, the game feature realistic graphics as per sources the game is released on Desktop PC.

This game brings you real life IPL experience. Realistic graphics, gameplay brings a unique user expiernce for the cricket fans. The game released for the pc users too. The game contains all kinds of characters from Indian and foreign players. The game feature some of the best matches team played in IPL season. Free Download Android — not all features unlocked. The game supports both single-player and multiplayer gaming modes on different platforms including Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox.


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But the women’s cricket team hopes to change that. India vs. Bangladesh won 1st test Match Highlight India vs. Bangladesh 5th day cricket match Melbourne Stars jersey retirement a ‘fitting tribute’ to Warne. Alien’s had come to visit the earth? News Nation. Argentina vs. How to download dlf ipl game on android. Best cricket game. View Full Screen: india39s gender pay gap is among the worst in the world but the women39s cricket team hopes to change that.

View Full Screen: vivo ipl patch for ea sports cricket is now released. View Full Screen: india vs bangladesh won 1st test match highlight india vs bangladesh 5th day cricket match View Full Screen: 39probably the best day of my life39 ahmed on five wicket haul. Also, it does not require high-end system resources like Avira. Also, it keeps you alerted with automatic updates that make it even better and stronger against threats. Now you can also save your passwords and encrypted data with Avast and you can forget about it.

It also provides you with home network security which means that it scans your internet connection points including the Wi-Fi and LAN routers same as what happens when you scan your system using Smadav It also has browser cleanup which means it deletes all unused cookies, search history and other junk files that may take up space and slow down the performance of your computer. It now also comes with a built-in password manager in which you can store and save your pins in an encrypted format.

Also, you can schedule virus and malware scans based on location, time and system behavior also found in AVG. Also, it is able to identify fake websites that try to steal your personal information for example Banking sites, sign-in pages or social media. Also, there is a spam filter that makes sure all the inbox is safe to open and clean. There is an automatic trigger system that scans every externally attached storage device such as USB drive. Privacy also gets stronger because it puts extra borders on your computer so hackers cannot enter it.

It only comes as a full setup in the offline installer that is trial and works for 30 days only. Developer: Avast Software, Inc. Size: 34 MB. Bitdefender total security Free Download is an anti-virus protection software the program is free to download in a full version.

The main thing that it has it is very powerful in protecting your computer against viruses and bugs in the world of cyber computers. It also has various options that are as follows it protects the files which are in your computer Bitdefender is a really useful piece of kit to have in your computer but although it is a premium piece of kit which is that you need to buy it in case of that you want to install it in your power-house or normal budget computer system antivirus program.

It has a really cool feature protecting databases and other servers it automatically scans any external device connected to the system. It comes with a free full version trial license key for 1 month. It was a really great success for the company as it had also other releases in the past which are really good as well but not as the Bitdefender total security full version.

The developers have put every peace of mind that they had knowledge about and the results came out really amazing as it supports all versions of windows 7 also the latest version of operating systems. The cool feature it has that auto-updating virus database which helps the antivirus Bitdefender total security to stay updated in catching all the latest virus which are outside in the cyber, world.

The name it got from total security and Bitdefender it that it gives you total security in protecting your computer from harmful virus thus this protects you and you can download it for free as full version. The developing of the mighty antivirus program started from the thinkers that they seat down and though look guys, how many cyber viruses, are affecting computers.

So they thought to make a surprise for the virus by giving them a new antivirus army which is updated like the AVG It has protected the users who have installed it recently from a dozen threats.

It does the job very well in its field. There is a trial demo version available for free download in the full version which you can get and try out it. It doesn’t require high-end computer requirements to be installed on just needs a bit of ram Random Access Memory. I am also using it at the moment it is really good and doesn’t put that much of a load on the computer’s processing power.

There you go, happy guys, this is all the details and information about the new Bitdefender beast. We would kindly advise you to use the following antivirus software and utilities to make sure that you have maximum security and stay safe online! It is widely used for protection, security, and privacy on computers. It works on all versions of Windows and comes in a setup file supported both on 32 and 64 bit OS.

This antivirus has the highest success rate in scanning and detecting harmful viruses and threats in a PC. There are two different variants of Avira one of which you can free download and the other is paid which comes in a full version. Avira Antivirus has lots of rich tools and options and one of them is real-time cloud scanning.

It scans the files in your computer silently for threats by matching it with familiar files to see if it can detect any suspicious activity, also found in AVG Antivirus 1. There is also a web browser extension that scans links and web pages in real-time for harmful viruses before you open them.

It is available for Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox and many more. It also includes the Anti-spyware program along with it which makes sure no one is spying on your computer, devices or network, along with stealing sensitive data. Along with basic computer protection, it has internet security which comes in premium build of this tool.

The developers are placed in Germany but they have now in all the world and have headquarters in Europe, Asia, and America. It scans all of the external devices connected to a computer before it gives it access to the system files to make sure it’s not an infection of malware, Trojan or worm. Avira downloads fresh updates of new virus signatures almost every day to make sure its customers are happy and secure at the same time. It has won lots of awards for being the perfect protection software for computers and other devices as it requires low system requirements to run.

There is also a website safety advisor that warns you if necessary when opening a site if it is dangerous or does not have a good trust score. There are licenses that you might need to purchase to activate it after the 30 day testing period expires. InPage Urdu is a typing software which was released by its developer to download free.

In full version setup, InPage is in the language Urdu developed for mostly Asian side countries also used in Europe and other countries. It helps you to type and translate letters for anyone in this language it also has a keyboard of its own which you connect to the computer and type the Urdu this one is the latest version which is recently out in with a new design and many other functions. This one has a new graphical user interface and is easy to navigate through the whole structure of the software.

It can develop lots of different writing methods that will make lots of your work easy typing software. The different language that it supports is a vast list any other application program does not have this much of range that this one has. It also has other versions like released by the same coders, but with less variety in options and new features, it updates itself to the latest InPage new functions.

The following languages can be read and written using this program are Punjabi, Kashmiri, Balochi, Arabic, the Persian Gulf you can also do other things like which are popular in other typing software like a print page, insert text, image, videos, banners, change the font size and colour. All have the same job as this one has but those are much older releases but still working, and favourite latest version has a significant increase in its design, performance and stability the old one was knew for facing some crashes during heavy type load.

It has a sleek, straightforward method and also has it’s an on-screen virtual keyboard which works only if you can touch the screen it has all the letters in Urdu and Arabic so both can be typed you can either start from right to left or the opposite depends which you writing because Urdu starts from the right side. InPage is also used in Workplaces, Business, Office, college and schools because there is a study in this.

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Note: The above build is very old and now has been stopped to be updated by its author so we highly recommend to use InPage or InPage which is the latest one recently updated!

It is released as the full version. Urdu InPage uses Nastaliq fonts which makes it easier for it to write in Noori style. Urdu InPage is based on Faiz which is a feature in it to improve the ability of one to write and type in Urdu.

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Version: 3. It builds on a very famous Indian cricketer named ‘ Brian Lara ,’ who is also in Cricket and can be played on many platforms including Windows PC. Brian Lara Cricket came out in and was one of the most successful games ever released in the World. There are 2 of the best Cricket teams ever which are Australia and New Zealand.

At the time when this game came out, there were World Cups, and many other Sports-related activities were being held just like Cricket World Series Brian Lara Cricket is an exciting game to play and has HD graphics for Computers and for the Android platforms as well.

The game ‘Brain Lara Cricket ‘ is based on the Unreal engine which makes things come alive. Players can choose their own stadium and country where they want the cricket match to be held.

At all times there is a referee who keeps an eye on the players, so they do not do anything to break the rules, this is also found in EA Cricket Controls to play are the standard ones which are W. CTRL and more. It is not difficult to play the game the only thing you will need to be careful is just the scores and not to let the other team win and get the Cup. All other countries like Pakistan and India and their teams are a choice to choose in the starting if any round. The version of the game is ‘ Brain Lara.

Works on Windows, PC, and Smartphones. IPL is very famous as well all know, but at the moment it was only available for Windows but, Now it has been released for Android Smartphones with lots of new modes.

The cricket IPL series has been started for a long time since , , and will continue all the way till with more upcoming versions. Since the mobile era has started to increase Android devices, have been started to adapt the games in the environment as well. It has different gaming modes that can be downloaded, and two of them are the Single Player and Multiplayer.

It has been ages since someone said ‘Oh I need to play my favorite Cricket Android Game of the year ! As you all see this game can be played using controllers, touchscreens, and joystick as well.

The first game came out was named Cricket 15 Android which has become very popular and recommended as well. You can then download the game to your Android device or tablet.

You can purchase the full version or license from the in-game menu. Asia Cup Cricket Game is now available as free download for Windows. Asia Cricket Cup is one of the biggest events that are happening this year. It also comes in full version setup that can be extracted and installed easily on your PC. It is free to play and comes in the demo which supports both singleplayer and multiplayer. It is T20 tournament or even it is called Twenty20 International.

The history of Asia Cup game for PC comes from ICC in which many teams qualify for the same matches against other international teams. It follows the same old tradition from and cricket cups that were played but this one is latest which means its live stream can be watched. It requires a simple keyboard and mouse to run on PC and has basic HD graphic visuals as a normal cricket game would have.

It holds all the popular cricketers. It also has many other stadiums, schedules and times which you can check and change the menu. There have been made many changes to the user interface of how Asia Cup T20 looks like since before. There have been updates such as new players, teams, stadiums and different countries which can be manually selected for cricket matches. This is one of the most waited one-day international tournaments which was hyped a lot because of the last year’s fixtures and troubles the ICC were having.

Snort can be used as a network intrusion detection and prevention system. It is a libpcap based sniffer or logger. It is highly extensible and uses rule-based detection language as well as other detection mechanisms. It can analyze traffic and sent packets in real-time. The best part about snort is that it can notify you about suspicious activity.

Snort has advanced capabilities and is very much reliable. It combines database signatures with anomaly-based scan and is capable to detect unwanted intrusions and features with real-time analysis and alerts.

The application provides WinPcap, so that it can work properly. WinPcap basically is a tool that is used to provide direct packet access thus allowing it to read raw network data. A snort sensor up and running requires the following:. Beginners, however, need to take their time to go through the documentation so they can learn how things work.

The snort application is used for the following purposes:. The real use of snort, however, lies in its intrusion detection capabilities as it can analyze network traffic and warn the user about unusual events, exploits, and even vulnerabilities. The customizable rules for users are similar to a firewall application and define the behaviour of snort in the IDS mode.

It can be set up by editing the configuration file that can also include the application-specific rules life for SMTP email connections, SSH, etc. The program is used to access the sent and received packets and also determine if any of them represent a possible threat or not. The snort application gets benefit from large community support with significant contribution to the rule database; it also guarantees its reliability.

Whether you are using it as an IDS or IPS application or using it for real-time traffic analysis it however is a powerful network security tool that is appreciated a lot by professional users.

Snort is a software application that sits behind the firewall and hunts for any activity or traffic that might indicate that the firewall has failed to keep away the intruders, a second line of defence. It looks for such traffic that is generated after a breach of the firewall or for activity by phone home software or other malware. When it functions as a sniffer, it watches network packets and streams the data to your screen.

As a logger, it does the same but writes all the information to the disk that comes into its own when it runs in NIDS Network Intrusion Detection System mode. In the NIDS mode snort watches the traffic of the network but instead of displaying or recording it, it actually compares the traffic against a set of rules and then takes actions those rules specify when it finds a perfect match. The rules combine the benefits of:. So, from this, we conclude that the set of rules are the most important part of a snort NIDS setup.

Various rules of sets are available for download from snort. The PDF manual of snort is as long as pages but a number of documents have been contributed by users as setup guides for specific scenarios. Today with so many important data and information on the role it has become a necessity to protect networks from malicious activities.

This is required both for personal and business purposes. This is where snort comes in hand. Snort was developed by the Cisco system. It has the following pros and cons:. It has the following pros:.

It has the following cons:. In this guide, we have highlighted the user regarding the Snort software how it is used to provide extra protection to your network and how it is done.

Download snort to keep your network protected from malicious activities. If you found this article helpful then leave comments in the section below. The game is free to play it is based on flying simulation and fighting in jets warplanes. It has all the latest airplanes which are sued in war games are available for you to choose and you can fly them, but you need to unlock them first then only you can select them the game is a 3D it has high-level, detailed graphics.

It also has multiplayer you can play it online. The game has a really straightforward concept as you just need to fly and eliminate the other players and complete the mission in the game and then you can go on to the next mission objective and start achieving that as well and by doing all these procedures you will be able to fly the plane you like most flying and many more guns and maps will be accessible. The game as you can see is a 3rd person view.

The game can be downloaded in the version which is available out there called full setup of the f22 game. It is a fighting game exciting it is old, but it is also said that old games are bug-free and work fine. There are many modes in the game which you can play are the following Objectives, Missions, Free World, Training. The game is obviously a freeware. If you can see in the game when you are flying the jet you can see high levels of graphic details in the sky which are because of the graphics this game has it is a low, medium-range power game and doesn’t require high processing power to play you can install and play on your built-in VGA with no extra requirements needed.

As in the above image, you can see it also tells if a friend of your or one of your teammates who was flying with you has been shot down by an enemy plane and there is a small map on the top right corner which shows where you are now. You can also customize your airplanes color and also modify it with weapons which you want you can increase or make the weight of the jet-fighter lighter, and it will fly faster also tuning.

There are many different airfields where you can land your plane but on a friendly air strip if not they will have shot you down to the ground. There are many other examples of games similar to this game title. It requires skill to fly the game and player the courage to operate on heights.

It has all the latest new stuff you need to succeed in racing. Road rash is for download and for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 so users can enjoy all of the rich bikes which is available there are many new street legal rules which have to be completed. Road rash is an old action game and is very much enjoyable and fun to play the game there are many multiplayer and single which is an online games like road and there is very much rash that can be held there so you can continue and not let others get first.

The football association has added a women footballer for the first time to appear on the cover of a game. FIFA 16 has gone beyond digital graphics but now has turned into reality because of EA’s graphics engine which makes everything look real.

FIFA 16 has two modes which are single player and multiplayer with different game types including Career, World cups, Championships and test matches. Fifa is changing a lot especially the version which has been now released.

FIFA 16 is a very versatile and adaptive game built with the love for the football fans all around the globe. Electronic Arts FIFA is taking every piece of virtual reality and putting it into their PC Games so it can give the best gaming experience to their players. Simulation games like this do not come out very often but when they do they make sure it is the best one they have ever built for multiple platforms.

If you are looking for an easy to play good sports based football simulation game for your PC, then FIFA 16 is the answer. It makes everything clear and even has learning models for real-life players to practice their math skills and improve them. It now comes with female players which were the first time ever in FIFA history since they added the first women football player in a game and you can select male or female players to play a match with.

It also supports HD graphics on high specification systems which have good graphics and processing power. FIFA 16 Requirements:. It is yet the best ever game released till now the date in the world and there is no other game that can be completed to it.

However, the graphics are stunning and there are no games available for download like it PES is a very iconic and famous sports to play as many people like to play it.

It was compared to many games in the future but none of them have won from PES. The download consists of a windows setup file and all other resources I bet to say a great game to play and have fun with it. The gameplay of PES and is really hard you need to have skills of glory and power of gaming to play it if you guys understand the game what just did mean there.

Rather then me telling you gamer you need to download PES game and have a look at how it rocks your day up and makes you feel happy pes is also known as pro evolution soccer A game like PES and pes are not free these days you need to own them to play them you see what I mean.

Pro evolution soccer PES All the new players are added and can play you can select which athlete you want to play with. The stadiums are also modified and you can select in which country you want to play where you want to play the game how do you want to play soccer PES


Dlf ipl 5 game for pc free download

Latestly covers Latest News and Breaking events across the globe, providing information on the topics including Sport, Entertainment, India and World News. How To Download EA Sports Cricket Game For PC Free from ipl cricket game download pagal world for mobile Watch Video (Note: The default playback of. Download EA Sports Cricket IPL 5 Free Full Version PC Game. EA Sports Cricket IPL 5 IPL 5 Patch Download Link: replace.me?i9dcnp3p97ec32o.


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