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Ever wondered how Joe Louis would have fared if he had fought Lennox Lewis? Alright, how about if I ask if you’ve ever just felt like strapping five pounds of plaster of Paris and leather to your fists, climbing into a ring with someone and pounding the shit out of them – but been too scared to, because it hurts when they hit back?

Because EA, purveyors of quality sports games for the masses, are about to give you the chance to pretend instead. Knockout Kings is the first time EA have attempted to move into the sweat-soaked, muscly-bodied, vaseline-faced world of professional boxing. As with all their other games, you can expect enormous attention to detail, motion-captured sports people going about their business, продолжение здесь commentary knockout kings pc game free download and – most importantly – big-name stars.

They were going to use Ali, too, but since everyone would have thought they’d done it on the cheap and used Katherine Hepburn, they decided not to. For example, Leonard’s famous piss-taking bolo punch is there, as are the scary De La Hoya super-fast jabs. You’ll be able to compete in the light, middle or heavyweight ranks, either as one of the all-time greats or against them, creating your own boxer from scratch.

Just think of the fun you’ll have making up your nickname. Each boxer’s weight, height, speed, strength, reach and stamina gamf rated accurately. The boxers do a pretty good job of looking like the people they’re supposed to represent, and their knockout kings pc game free download style is replicated in the Al. Rocky Marciano, for example, will just keep coming at you regardless of what you hit him with we suggest a. The attention to detail includes licensed Madison Square Garden padding on the ring posts, and a full commentary team Americans only, unfortunately – no Dowload Carpenter to knocjout the action.

They’ve even motion-captured a referee who’ll weave about in a poncy shirt, waving his arms and getting in the way. With a bit knockout kings pc game free download luck you’ll be able to Caccidentally’ deck the little sod. Sadly, they’ve decided against a CNotable East End Villain in the ringside seats for each fight’ option.

You can’t beat a good boxing game, and this one looks like it’s going to be a cracker if you’re even remotely interested in the sport.

It’ll be available in the autumn, but we’ll have a full review rather sooner than that. If EA are still talking to us after the Muhammad Ali joke, that is. It’s amazing that it’s taken this long for a boxing simulation to hit the PlayStation, but what’s not surprising is that EA is the company that decided to break the dry spell.

Finally, boxing fans will be able to step into the ring with Knockout Kings. In their efforts to make a comprehensive boxing game that spans generations, EA licensed more than 38 real boxers that include legends such as Muhammad Ali продолжение здесь Sugar Ray Leonard in addition to current favorites such as Evander Holyfield and Oscar De La Hoya who also served основываясь на этих данных a consultant and provided motion-capture.

Each 3D boxer looks very close to their real-life knockout kings pc game free download thanks to texture-mapped faces and similar polygonal body models. Additionally, each boxer’s vital fighting statistics such as strength, fighting style, weight, height, stamina and reach will knockout kings pc game free download the soul of each fighter, and will determine how he can be used or abused in the ring.

Apparently, EA is sparing no expense in making this game an immersive boxing experience. The voice of Mills Lane will provide the instructions before each fight, followed by two-man commentary by Sean O’ Grady and Al Albert.

With such attention to detail being put into Knockout Kings, the future seems bright for the PlayStation’s first true boxing simulation. Surprisingly, there is knockout kings pc game free download a respectable history of video game adaptations of the sport fgee boxing. Although some of these titles featured real посмотреть больше stars, none have as many past and current greats in one game as Knockout Kings. There are some no-shows like George Foreman and “Iron” Mike Tyson who were left out due to legal and uh To round out the total boxing experience, we also have referee Mills “Let’s get it on!

Lane can be heard before and during the bout spouting warnings as well as delivering the count. Rounding out the bells and whistles are Sean 0′ Grady and Al Downlooad in the commentary booth. Bells knockout kings pc game free download kinvs aside, Knockout Kings features realistic fighting action which is crucial in a game with such top gxme. The version we played displays some nice motion-captured movements, but it still animated like the boxers were underwater.

This should be corrected when a review copy floats no pun intended our way. Each of the fighter’s characteristics affect the style and how well he will fight. This means that dream matches between such greats as Muhamad Ali and Evander Holyfield should yield fairly accurate results as long as they are played by equally skilled players. Choose from several different modes including Exhibition, Slugfest no-referee, all-out scrapperTraining and Career.

In Career Mode, you create a boxer and customize his looks, then start training. You can enter into the light- middle- or heavyweight classes depending on how big or diminutive you want your fighter to be. It is unclear whether there will be an option to choose your ring music Career Mode didn’t work properly on our copy yetbut all the real boxers in the onockout have individual theme songs that reflect their personalities. You can expect such diverse aural experiences like hip hop, rock or big band and swing music.

Knockout Kings will make its way to stores this November. While this is no Punch-Out!! It reminds me a little of K-i Fighting, only much more responsive and playable. The sheer number of real boxers packed in this thing as well as the create-a-boxer option votes well for EA’s reputation for “sweating the details.

This is like a boxing chess match. You really have to be mindful of keeping your guard up, throwing the right punches, dancing kngs, and so on. It has a slug-fest option but it’s not as wild as knockoht I’ve seen. So really, knockout Kings is as close as there is to a real boxing sim for the PlayStation.

It fits easily into that genre. The gameplay and mechanics are tight enough to capture the feel of the lnockout quite nicely. Microsoft windows 10 preview with activation with a good punch is no easy task but it’s satisfying when it happens. It’s obvious this game was made to be played as a two-player contest, though.

It’s much more entertaining to play than one player, believe me. Some minor flaws–It’d be nice if you could pivot and hold приведу ссылку your gloves in the block position, plus a bit more speed overall would be nice. Complainin’ aside, I’m. What EA tried to do with Knockout Kings is definitely kingd, but I don’t think they quite hit the mark they were shooting knockout kings pc game free download. The boxer downpoad is impressive though Tyson and Foreman are MIAand the play modes knockout kings pc game free download decent Career Mode is excellentbut the control is too sluggish and imprecise, which ultimately detracts from the experience.

Still, it’s a great first try, and I have to admitP play is way better than going solo. Part of the difficulty with KK is just getting used to it. You have to keep telling yourself that it isn’t supposed to be like other fighting games.

Keep an image of Tekken in your brain and you just won’t get it. Once you get into the vibe though, it’s OK. I did find it a bit boring and slow though. It doesn’t really capture the spirit of the sport as well as you’d expect. Punches don’t seem to carry enough “weight” so it feels a bit lame. Knockout Kings is the best boxing game to come out in a long time. There’re plenty продолжить чтение boxers to choose from and lots of challenge.

It’s great fun to create your own boxer too, but I knokout you don’t go that route until you’ve played the game for a while. The control is very good, although it would have been nice to be able bame move around the ring more freely. The punches could’ve been more brutal, too. For boxing fans it’s a must. Bob, weave, and hook your way to the championship with Knockout Kings. The newest offering from Electronic Arts has some of the biggest names in boxing history and tries to put to rest the tireless question of who is the best.

Ever wonder how middleweight Marvin Hagler would do against a big heavyweight like Joe Louis? Knockout Knockout kings pc game free download is the first boxing knockout kings pc game free download released for the Playstation and is a definite winner. The game features 38 of the greatest boxers of all time and lets you battle читать больше out in the lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight divisions. Knockout kings pc game free download this game you can create a custom character and rumble through the ranks knockot fight for the championship, or have two champions go toe-to-toe in a slug match.

At first, it’s hard to win at this game until you figure out the secrets of knocking down opponents without getting tagged and the black art of dirty fighting, but after that it becomes a very easy game to win.

There aren’t many boxing games in the market right now, so Knockout kings pc game free download didn’t have much competition.

Despite this fact, they still put together an impressive package and have set a standard that will be tough for other companies to live up to. In the beginning, expect to lose. What I really mean is expect to lose almost non-stop. When you first play the game, it seems knockout kings pc game free download anyone you control is a powder puff and the opponents are the most vicious humans in history. Even taking a proven champion like Ali and pitting him against a читать полностью lightweight will result in a loss.

The more you play, though, the more you start getting a feel for the game. Pretty soon you’re trying different strategies and discovering what works and what doesn’t. Now and then you’re landing a power shot and scoring a knockdown, but you’re still usually on the losing end. Then you discover the art of dirty fighting and suddenly you’re unstoppable. I was kiings Knockout Kings included dirty fighting in this game, because it happens to be as frer a part of the sport as the uppercut.

You can low blow, deliver kidney shots, headbutt, hit while clinching and smack an opponent with an elbow. About the only dirty tricks they left off were rabbit shots hitting behind the head ear biting, which I’m sure will disappoint leagues of Tyson fans.

Be warned: you can get disqualified and lose points for dirty fighting, but you often lose anyway if you don’t use them. So the skill is to utilize them to get the maximum benefit without getting disqualified; after all, who cares if you lose a point if you score a knockout? They also included taunts, which some windows server 2003 r2 standard edition x64 download are famous for, but you can get knocked silly if you do this too close to flying fists.

In slug mode, you select two champions knocmout select from one to three rounds in which to fight. There are no disqualifications in this mode, and it’s a great way to experiment with different champions to see which one you like best.



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