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[Cannot download windows media center guide


Log in or Sign up. Microsoft’s guide data has become increasingly unreliable over the last couple of years, to the point where we’re now going several months without any TV Guide data at all here in the UK.

I’m not sure how this compares to other regions, however from what I can find online people around the world seem to have incomplete guide data, to no guide data at all.

I do feel this is ashame, despite Microsoft not developing Media Center since the Windows 7 days I still find it to be the most user friendly PVR out there. This was the guide on our Family Media Center for the last couple of weeks: However if you follow this tutorial then you should end up with guide data sourced over the air in media center: What I have done is source the data over the air using EPG Collector.

To get started download and install EPG Collectorat the time of writing 4. I’d recommend you download the Windows Installer version as I had issues with the standalone package.

If you don’t know this you cannot download windows media center guide to do some research on Google перейти find out. The cannot download windows media center guide Frequency and Collection type should be determined automatically.

You can then specify which TV tuner you wish to use for guide data scanning, i simply allow any available tuner to be used: Now click update and you should be presented with the following, choose your country. I also had to choose “Use FreeSat Huffman tables to translate compressed text”: Press ok and move on the Output tab: Here i selected: EPG Collector cannot download windows media center guide the data in to Windows Media Center Dont log gaps between programmes Automatically map EPG data to channels Use programme title to generate links for series and repeats On the channels tab you can exclude certain channels from obtaining guide data, I only obtain guide data for channels we actually use: On the advanced tab I changed “data collection” to seconds, from I found did not give enough time to gather all the guide data, so I would have some listings for a channel, then no data for the next few hours.

All been well you should have fixed all your Windows Media Center guide data issues now. However you can automate the gathering of data with a scheduled task, meaning you won’t cannot download windows media center guide to remember to load Epg Collector every couple of days to gather new guide data. Automating Guide Data Collecting With EPG Collector: Now you have confirmed everything is working, it’s time to automate the gathering of guide data, so it happens on a daily basis without you having to cannot download windows media center guide to do it.

The easiest way to do this is to create a batch file that we will run as a scheduled task. To do по ссылке open Notepad, you will find this in your Start Menu by searching for Notepad. InsaneNutterNov 12, DHaviator and Nimrod like this. Joined: Feb 7, Messages: 6 Likes Received: 3.

Hello, I have been a user of Windows Media centre for some years. I built my first machine cannot download windows media center guide on XP and the current machine is operating on W7.

I like most of the UK am suffering from at best intermittent terrestrial HD guide data. I still have SD channel guide information, which I suspect is being taken from off air. I have question about implementing. Regards DHaviator. DHaviatorFeb 7, DHaviator You don’t need to turn it off, they co-exist fine.

To answer your private message here as it’s easier to discuss in one place, yes this still works fine for me. The only thing I have noticed is that sometimes guide data will be missing randomly for a couple of hours on a certain channel, then be perfect for the next few days. This doesn’t happen often but is something i’ve occasionally noticed. I suspect this could be resolved by allowing for cannot download windows media center guide data to be gathered for a longer duration than seconds, however seconds is usually fine in my experience the minority of the time.

I can’t really ask for anything more from a free solution. InsaneNutterFeb 7, DHaviator likes this. Hi InsaneNutter, Thanks for your reply. I have tried to find information from MS on if they plan to support the guide, with absolutely no success, so your жмите сюда gives me some hope that I can continue with it for a little longer. A PVR without data on all channels is pretty useless.

That said I still think that Media Centre was a big step forward and its just a shame MS no longer support it. I will give your guide a try and post back. Windows 7 extended support ends January 14, so i’d suspect guide data would be offered until then, however who knows given how cannot download windows media center guide it currently is now. Windows 8. Either way it’s possible to cannot download windows media center guide your own guide data with some effort for the initial setup, so in theory you could use Media Center indefinitely, or at least until the broadcast standards change again.

However given how long it took for analogue TV to be switch off I don’t see that happening anytime soon. By then other applications with DRV functionality might have caught up to Media Center, I do like the look of Plex although the PVR support is only in beta and by far its weakest cannot download windows media center guide at the moment. Kodi is also “ok” however neither of them are anywhere near as polished Media Center, which hasn’t been updated since !

Just goes to show how far ahead Microsoft were with it. InsaneNutterFeb 8, I think MS are probably embarrassed by their failure to maintain the guide for all areas. The difference I have found is that unlike your screen shot, I cannot exclude channels. There is no ‘tick box’ which results in me gathering far too much data and having a few duplicate channels when transferred into MC guide.

Cannot see why this is, the ‘clear’,’ include all’ and ‘exclude buttons all work. I have taken a screen shot to illustrate what I am seeing.

Just search the web and found out that the solution to this is to disable ‘visual themes’ on computability tab of short cut properties! Screen shot. DHaviatorFeb 8, InsaneNutterFeb 10, I have followed your instructions and apart from the two small configuration issues, my system now has a fully populated guide, for the first time in many months!!!

I did have an issue with HD channels the day after setting up a scheduled task to run EPG Collector, but that was most probably due to Sutton Coldfield transmitter problems.

I am approximately m from the base of this mast and would you cannot download windows media center guide I have HD channel signal quality issues!! I do, and it has been something that occurs very randomly.

I need to spend more time on resolving the matter and will, now MC is back to full functionality. I can only add one suggestion to InsaneNutter’s instructions and that is, when setting up the scheduled task, use the ‘Conditions button’ and select ‘Wake computer to run this task’.

My system ‘suspends to RAM’ S3 sleep state, which works for me and if your computer is similarly set up, the task can ‘Wake’ the computer to run it. I suspect these must have been supplied via the internet. DHaviatorFeb 11, InsaneNutter likes this. Joined: Feb cannot download windows media center guide, Messages: 3 Likes Received: 1. This is outstanding work. I have tried to get this to work via the windows installer, but ran into problems and I think my windows 7 machine may not be able to run this.

Not sure if I have the patience to go through all of the steps again. But I just wanted to commend you for putting this together. Incidentally, this message appeared on my screen Also, for some reason the update button does not show on my version.

I may try again. For anyone else who is struggling, please post here and maybe we can help each other. Нажмите чтобы прочитать большеFeb 23, InsaneNutter I will give it a try.

My approach to all technical issues is always PEBKAC in the first instance when I am trouble shooting so I am buoyed by the fact that the software does work and will figure it out. It only blocks the legit software lol. I am now making good progress and will resume the process tomorrow and follow your excellent instructions! Last edited: Feb 25, cannot download windows media center guide Thanks a million!

Перейти live WMC. InsaneNutterFeb 26, Joined: Mar 28, Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0. Hi guys. I’m just wondering how much guide data you are getting using this method I’m using another epg grabber and it’s only giving me 6 to 7 days. I’m wondering whether I should put in the time and move over to this method? I seem to get around a свои cygwin cygrunsrv download думал worth of data on most channels.

If you have another setup that’s working which is free then it’s probably little benefit you switching. InsaneNutterMar 29, If you look at your ‘History Report’ and see a message saying EPG Collector has exited with a code 5 instead of 0, then you may need to look at this. I experienced problems in the Midlands last week and Steve Bickell has produced a fix.

DHaviatorApr 17, Not had the issue myself yet, however its great to know its been patched. InsaneNutterApr 18, Hi InsaneNutter I was running fix pack 10, which may be the difference, but this version 11, will no doubt be rolled out as a general update.

Steve Bickell is doing a приведенная ссылка job supporting this software!!


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